When you step on board ‘Chill Out’, you have the chance to enjoy your own personalised yacht experience. Before you book an Ibiza to Formentera yacht charter with us, you should consider the types of things you would like on board to make your yacht charter holiday complete. To help spark your imagination, we’ve put together this guide of all the tailor-made luxuries you may wish have on ‘Chill Out’ to help make your chartered yachting experience the most memorable holiday ever.

Fine Dining Meal

‘Chill Out’ is a place where dreams are realised. After a day of swimming and exploring, there’s no better way to end the day than with a fine dining experience. Whether you’d like a Michelin-starred chef or a certain meal, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Wine Tasting

Do you know your Sauvignons from your Chardonnays? On ‘Chill Out’, you can sit back and relax as a sommelier teaches you about these great wine varieties, helping you understand the complex flavours and tasting notes as you navigate your way around the Balearics.

Fresh Flowers

Sometimes, the little touches make all the difference. When you charter ‘Chill Out’, it becomes your home. Tell us your favourite flowers and we’ll make sure we have them on board.

Saxophonist or Violinist

Surround yourself with luxury by having your own saxophonist or violinist on board. The perfect way to unwind in the evening; you can even let us know what songs you’d like to be played.

DJ on board

Alternatively, if you’d like to get the party started, then we can also get a DJ for your chartered yacht experience. The yacht may be known as ‘Chill Out’, but you’re more than welcome to party into the night.

Barman to Provide Drinks and Run Cocktail Classes

How about adding your very own barman to the crew for a night? Whether you’re just looking for someone to serve you your favourite cocktails or someone to teach you how to make them, we can make your dreams possible. Make your crewed yacht charter extra special with the addition of a barman and cocktail making classes.

Exclusive Cigar Selections

When you’re enjoying your motor yacht charter in Ibiza and the Balearics, there’s no doubt that you’re enjoying one of the finer things in life. So, as you unwind in the evening, or as ‘Chill Out’ carves through the salty waters, why not feel the wind in your hair and enjoy a cigar? Tell us your favourite brand, and we will source it to provide the perfect finishing touch to your holiday.

Romantic Beach Dinners

When you book your luxury yacht charter, not only can you decide what happens on ‘Chill Out’, but you can also decide where you’d like to go and when. Our helpful crew can then take you there.

This means that, should you wish to eat on board between islands, you can do so. However, if you’d rather enjoy a romantic beach dinner while the sun sets, then we will also make that happen for you.

Champagne and Oyster Experiences

Nothing quite says luxury like champagne and oysters. ‘Chill Out’ is where dreams are realised and, if you’re looking for a luxury retreat, then we can make sure you have these finishing touches on board. Just tell us your favourite champagne brand and we’ll do the rest.

Personal Trainer

A holiday on ‘Chill Out’ may surround you with luxury, but if you want to keep to your fitness regime whilst on holiday, then we can arrange for a personal trainer to come on board and put you through your paces.

Scuba Diving

Your yacht charter experience can take you wherever you like in the Balearics. If you’d like to focus on scuba diving spots, then simply tell our knowledgeable crew who will take you to all of the best scuba diving locations in the region. We can even arrange to have a qualified instructor on board, should you require one.

On Board Massages

A voyage on ‘Chill Out’ is the perfect form of escapism. So, forget about life outside the cabin and indulge in an on board massage. Just tell us what type of massage you like and what oils and sounds you prefer, and we’ll make sure we have everything you need.

With all of these great experiences available, we’re sure to make your holiday unique and memorable. Whether you’d like to hire ‘Chill Out’ for escapism or for adventure, we can provide the finishing touches to create the holiday of a lifetime. Please get in touch with us today to discuss our tailor-made motor yacht charter experiences.