Paseo Juan Carlos I, nº 20 - 07800
Balearic Islands

Latitude: 38º54’55.08”N | Longitude: 1º26’38.18”E

Marina Ibiza is located in the heart of the Balearic Islands, on the south-east coast of Ibiza, the perfect gateway to stylish Formentera just 11 miles away. With an air of both luxury and coolness, the marina boasts stunning sunsets by night.

Said to be the hotspot port of the Mediterranean, Marina Ibiza is the perfect place to start your private yacht charter around the Balearic Islands.

Explore Marina Ibiza

Lío Ibiza

Marina Ibiza

Be wowed by the cabaret over dinner, enjoy bustling club nights from 1pm.

Blue Marlin

Marina Ibiza

Amazing breakfasts, transforms in to a seafood restaurant & bar by night.

Calma Bistró

Marina Ibiza

Amazing port location, serving Mediterranean cuisine all day long.

Cappuccino Grand Café

Marina Ibiza

The go-to place for the breakfast, lunch, brunch and more.